After completing nearly 20 years undertaking in a variety of roles for major retail banks & time at home with three children Erin decided to put her experience to work helping and assisting people with their finances. 

It’s surprising how many financially astute and successful people struggle with understanding the general process of getting a mortgage. There can be a lot to it, most people understand the big terms and hot topics but when it gets down to the small stuff there can be a lot of information that isn’t understood by clients. This can be quite a daunting experience. That’s where I can help, ensuring people feel completely informed, supported and at ease. 

Whether it’s your first home, your new home or your third/fourth home I’d love to help.

As the world rapidly evolves our banks and financial institutions are doing their best to adapt to an ever-changing business environment I look forward to maintaining a constant successful working relationship with you.

Outside of mortgage advising Erin enjoys spending time with family, partaking in the odd adventure race, having a good book to read and coffee catch up’s with friends. 

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"Emma was amazing - no question was a silly question. Emma always answered our emails promptly even on the weekends!
Communication with bank and Lawyer made very easy.
Stephanie was great to talk to and made things super simple during the whole process.
We are so grateful for the help of these two, we definitely wouldn't have gotten into our first home without them.
Thanks so much!"