Publicly Available Information


Below is the information that Stephanie Murray
Mortgages is required to make publicly available in accordance with the
Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014.


Stephanie Murray Mortgages is a financial service provider which
operates under the ‘Stephanie Murray Mortgages” brand.
Stephanie Murray Mortgages, through our contracted advisers,
provides financial advice to our clients.

  • Contracted advisers run their own Adviser Businesses. They
    are Financial Advice Providers under the Financial Markets
    Conduct Act 2013 and each Adviser Business is required to
    be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register
  • We engage Financial Advisers to provide financial advice to
    clients. The FSPR shows the Financial Advisers which have
    been engaged by Orange Network.
  • The Financial Advisers you can search for on our website are
    engaged by Stephanie Murray Morrtgages.


Stephanie Murray Mortgages is a registered Financial Service
Provider and is a member of NZ Financial Services Group's
Financial Advice Provider licence (FSP286965) (as an Authorised
Body), issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).
Stephanie Murray Mortgages and its contracted advisers are
authorised under this licence.


This document sets out some information about Stephanie Murray
Mortgages and Financial Advisers engaged by Stephanie Murray
Mortgages, as required by the Financial Markets Conduct
Regulations 2013.

Each adviser has their own Disclosure Guide. These are not
available on our website but are provided on request and
otherwise are provided by the Financial Adviser when they are
engaged to provide financial advice by a current or prospective

In this Disclosure Statement, we refer to Stephanie Murray
Mortgages Publicly Available Information Disclosures and the
Financial Adviser’s Disclosure Guide collectively as the “Adviser


Stephanie Murray Mortgages and its' financial advisers provide
financial advice directly to clients. We provide financial advice
about Lending products. We only provide advice about products
from providers we are certified and registered with.
The Adviser Disclosures:

  •  Set out the specific products that they can provide financial
    advice on.
  • Set out the relevant product providers


In general, our service is free to clients as the product providers
pay us a commission on completed business. Occasionally, where a provider does not pay us a commission, we may need to charge a
fee. Fees will always be justified by the amount of work involved in
the transaction/advice and will be clearly explained up-front for
the Client to agree to before proceeding.


Stephanie Murray Mortgages is required to disclose any interests
which a client may expect to materially influence the financial
advice a client may receive from Stephanie Murray Mortgages or
its contracted financial advisers.


If a client receives advice from a Financial Adviser in relation to an
insurance product and the insurance application is accepted,
Stephanie Murray Mortgages may receive a commission payment
from the applicable insurer.

Additionally, where a Financial Adviser refers a client to Tower
Insurance for their insurance needs or refers a client to XE Money
or Prospa NZ for their other financial needs, Stephanie Murray
Mortgages may receive a referral payment. Stephanie Murray
Mortgages manages the potential conflicts of interest arising as a
result of these payments by ensuring:

  • Commission payments are disclosed to clients.
    In relation to lending products, Stephanie Murray Mortgages may
    receive a commission payment from the applicable lender if a loan
    arranged by an Stephanie Murray Mortgages adviser is advanced.
    Payments for both lending and insurance commissions may
    include an upfront payment, together with an ongoing renewal or
    trail payment. More information about those commissions, and any
    other incentives they may receive, is set out in the Adviser


There are no other interests to disclose.


If you have a complaint about the financial advice or the service
you’ve received from Stephanie Murray Mortgages (or an adviser)
please lodge a complaint with us. Information about our complaints
process can be found in our Adviser Disclosures.

In the first instance, please lodge a complaint by emailing Include as much detail as
possible about the nature of your complaint, and what you would like to
happen to resolve the complaint. We will acknowledge receipt of
your complaint within two business days, and register your
complaint in our Complaints Register. We will investigate your
complaint and aim to provide a response to you within seven
working days of acknowledging receipt of your complaint. If we
need more time to prepare our response, ww will let you know.

If we cannot agree on a resolution, you can refer your complaint to
our external dispute resolution service. This service is independent
and will cost you nothing and will assist us to resolve things with

Details of this service are:
Financial Services Complaints Limited Phone:
0800 347 257


Stephanie Murray Mortgages (and its' contracted financial
advisers) are bound by and support the duties set out in the
Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. 

These duties are:

  • Meet the standards of competence, knowledge, and skill and
    the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct, and client care
    set out in the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial
    Advice Providers.
  • Give priority to the client’s interests.
  • Exercise care, diligence, and skill.