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Roderique Hope Trust 

Roderique Hope Trust is a Charitable Trust in the Taranaki region which was formed to assist the growing number of homeless in the Taranaki. The Trust was specifically formed to meet the needs of families with children who do not meet the criteria of other Emergency Housing accommodation.

Roderique Hope Trust is committed to ensuring families in Taranaki who are homeless, have lost their accommodation or do not meet the criteria for other Emergency Housing services, have a place to live for a period of up to 3 months. Families in the house are encouraged to engage with local Social Services to unpack and address the issues and barriers associated with requiring emergency accommodation.

Each property is fully furnished, equipped with beds and bedding, lounge, dining, kitchen, laundry, storage facilities and grounds maintenance.

Roderique Hope Trust will enter into a tenancy agreement with a tenant that is much more than just a house. The tenant will be encouraged to engage with local social services in the area of Family Violence, all areas of Family Support, Budgeting, and Counselling with the view of moving towards wealth creation, path planning, education, and employment.