Stephanie Murray Mortgages held their annual SMM Noir Blanc progressive dinner on the 7th April. This event was held to raise money for the Roderique Hope Trust who assist the growing number of families with children in Taranaki who are in need of emergency accommodation.

The evening consisted of a cocktail hour at Snug Lounge before guests were welcomed by Stephanie.  Then Michelle Ramage from the trust thanked everyone for their involvement and talked about how the trust supports those in need.

Everyone was then put into three groups and sent off for their first course of the evening. Monica's Eatery, Meat and Liquor and Social Kitchen hosted the guests for either the entree, main course or dessert. Each dish was served with a carefully matched wine.

After the guests finished their meal they returned to Snug Lounge for an Auction which was hosted by Christina Harvey from Harvey-Taylor Real Estate who is part of Bayleys Real Estate New Plymouth. There were a large number of auction items on offer thanks to the wonderful generosity of the business community.

A huge thank you goes to those who donated - Fox Cottage BachKing and Queen Hotel SuitesHosking HouseKevin BetteridgeJohn ShewrySkin on Forty-Five, The Laser LabMs WhiteBNZNatalie Waugh PhotographerMeat and Liquor on King StreetSnug LoungePwCSocial KitchenLash Amorè, BlackBird Boutique New PlymouthPetit ParisBrew MountainPlantation Design Store

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Photos: Pip Guthrie
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